While crossing the treacherous Bisti Badlands, a group of young Diné traders discover and elect to care for an injured Civil War veteran. Their act of generosity places them at the center of a post-war conspiracy, which they must see themselves clear of in order to survive.

‘Six and Bisti’ re-imagines the, western genre by flipping the script. When indigenous characters are not portrayed as a dangerous obstacle for the hero to overcome, they are used as a tragic ‘last of their kind’ social commentary. Indigenous people are alive and well and this film is a bold first-of-its-kind approach that puts the point of view on the indigenous characters of the story.


The Western genre has gone stagnant. The days of The Frontier Hero slaying the ‘evil injun’ are behind us, The Anti-Hero films that would prefer not to even touch the subject of native experience are only for novelty and nostalgia, leaving us with the contemporary concept of The Atonement Hero. The only and best effort the genre finds to do authentic representation requires that the white protagonist goes on a journey of self-discovery after getting taken in by the native characters, understands the sins of his society, and then proceeds to ordain himself the champion of their struggle as his personal redemption. By changing the perspective, a new creative discipline is introduced that puts the hero’s journey in the hands of the native characters and through that, breathes new life into a genre that has been telling the same story for decades.


Development began in 2016 with research, story outlining, a first pass at the script, and finally with proof of concept footage. The goal being to see how effectively we could operate as a small team and execute a vision with minimal funds and resources. The aim is to make this film on a sub-$200,000 budget. With only $2k we were able to put together five scenes which have been used for the above sizzle reel, and the below samples. The first is a small clip that represents the post-production means at our disposal and the other a sample music composition set against location scouting footage.


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