Six and Bisti


While crossing the treacherous Bisti Badlands, a group of young Diné traders discover and elect to care for an injured Civil War veteran. Their act of generosity places them at the center of a post-war conspiracy, which they must see themselves clear of in order to survive.

‘Six and Bisti’ seeks to turn the western on its side by presenting a familiar story from a different point of view. It asks the audience to reconsider the preconceived notions of what it means to be indigenous which have been shaped by decades of media told from the perspective of an anglo hero. It simultaneously examines the virtues and long-accepted conduct of classic western heros, their motivations, the justification for their actions, and the appearance of their behaviors as told from an alternative point of view. This is not a new point of view any more than the Americas are a new world. This is a point of view as old as the one we’re accustomed to but seldom getting the same level of exposure.

Screenplay Sample


This film will not only be a new kind of western, it will be so while employing Robert Rodriguez’s Mariachi-style of guerrilla filmmaking. In 2016, we produced proof of concept footage to demonstrate our ability to create this ambitious project on a sub-$100,000 budget. The result of this experiment was 15 running minutes of film at a cost of $2k. We’ve thus far utilized this content for our sizzle trailer and the below clips:

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