‘Six and Bisti’ reimagines the, stagnant, western genre by flipping the script. When indigenous characters are not portrayed as a dangerous obstacle for the hero to overcome, they are used as a tragic ‘last of their kind’ social commentary. Indigenous people are alive and well and this film is a bold first-of-its-kind approach that puts the point of view on the indigenous characters of the story.

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To prove that we can make this film on a lean-budget, in 2016 we researched, story-outlined, drafted a first pass at the script, and shot proof of concept footage. The goal being to see how effectively we could operate as a small team and execute a vision with minimal funds and resources. With only $2k we were able to put together five scenes which have been used for a sizzle trailer.

In the time since the original sizzle was filmed we have acquired new equipment, costumes, props, locations. With these new resources we intend to produce a some new content to put the sizzle trailer over-the-top to better energize public interest and enthusiasm for the project. It’s debut will be at IPX Denver.


The first major marketing campaign for the film will be at the 3-day Indigenous Pop X in Denver, from the founders of New Mexico’s Indigenous Comic Con. The cast and crew will be on a panel discussing the project, the themes of the story, characters, as well as how the film deconstructs the portrayal of native characters in cinema. The panelists include:

Natalie Black and White.jpg

Natalie Benally
A professional dancer, actor, and filmmaker Natalie brings her creative skills to task to drive the performances in the film.

Cleo Keahna Black and White.jpg

Cleo Keahna
Writer/Lead Actor
A published poet and film actor, Cleo is a principal component to the ethos of the film’s story and mission.

Ernest David Tsosie.jpg

Ernest David Tsosie
Supporting Actor
A stand-up comedian and fixture in native cinema, Ernest lends his years of professional experience to step-up the film’s caliber.

John Tsosie Black and White.jpg

John Tsosie
Associate Producer
John is an activist and grassroots campaigner making him uniquely qualified to drive the success of our indie production.

Ron Williams Black and White.jpg

Ron Williams
Supporting Actor
A jack of all trades, Ron leverages his martial arts, acting, and bi-lingual abilities to the screen as the Sicilian Civil War vet.


Ernie Zahn
Ernie marshals an expert team of creatives while complimenting Natalie’s directing skills with his 12+ years in cinematography.

As the film prepares for production in 2020 we are seeking funds for our initial publicity campaign. This first step, will enable us to update the sizzle trailer and travel to Denver for IPX where the new sizzle will debut. This start to our marketing and visibility will also be an advantageous opportunity to promote our early stage sponsors and supporters.



LODGING $1,500

FOOD $300



Your company’s provided banner featured at the IPX Denver panel, along with a table shared with other supporters including postcards, sign-up board, product samples, and or any other promotional materials you wish to provide.

GOLD $1000

The above perks including your company’s name on the ‘Six and Bisti’ page recognized as an ‘Early Supporter.’


All of the above including a 30-second video promoting your company that will screen at IPX Denver as well as 6 other events planned in 2019. The final deliverable and raw content will be shared with you for your own uses on social media and other outlets.

It’s important to note that beyond the storytelling values and commentary this project brings to cinema there are important outcomes that are attached to the success of the film. By being a part of launching this marketing campaign you are bringing us closer to achieving those outcomes. The outcomes include:

  • Job creation for Navajo, Hopi, Zia, Ojibwe, Blackfeet, Meskwaki, Xicana, and

    other groups that are ready and willing and contribute their talents to make this film a success.

  • Language and culture preservation as the film will be spoken in indigenous languages with English subtitles. The film already has a team of interpreters for the script.

  • Mission driven support as 5% of the proceeds from the film will support media literacy courses from Filmmakers Without Borders.

  • Supplementary work by Ernie Zahn and John Tsosie with the social justice short film ‘Walking the Healing Path’, which will have a screening and seminar in Denver. Platinum sponsors will have their content featured at this event as well!

  • Equity position for native youth. A number of the production assistants on the film are aspiring filmmakers and artists and the success of the film includes an equity agreement that gives them a share of the profits to go toward their college tuition or creative projects.